This Pug is Too Cute

Something about pugs make them irresistibly cute! Author: awesome-pugs From Around the Web Ebola Deaths Hit 7,000 Tips On How To Dog Train- Puppy And Dog Obedience Training Meditation – Like Being in a Great, Hot Shower Nice workout blog from this young... Read More »

Tips On How To Dog Train- Puppy And Dog Obedience Training

How to dog train consists of some easy and successful methods to guide your dog become obedient. Still, not all the processes of dog training are humane and effective. In certain cases, techniques like confinement are harsh and not beneficial for the puppies health, specially if it is done... Read More »

A Bunch of Funky Looking Owls

Photos of a bunch of funky looking owls. Well, I guess owls are naturally funky... Read More »

Rats, Rats Reget Too

Researchers at the University of Minnesota have found that rats have regrets like humans too. As explained in detail on, rats who passed up delicious treats only to find less desirable treats showed signs of regrets. Researchers set up a contraption called a “restaurant row.” The rats could pass up on good treats and... Read More »

Double Dose of Cuteness Overload

Cuteness Asserted   souce:... Read More »

Meerkats Are So Cute, Check Them Out

Meerkats are part of the mongoose family. They are wild and live in southern Africa. They are so cute. They live in burrows and will pop out and peek around. They can pop out in groups. See how cute they are, standing there looking around. So furry with their little paws. They actually communicate with... Read More »

Cute Triumphs Over Dignity

… especially if you are a puppy [bounce_loop] [/bounce_loop] Source:... Read More »